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We cordially invite you to the next GVL Assembly of Rights Holders on 3 and 4 June 2021. This year’s Assembly of Rights Holders (BV2021) will take place virtually only.

Please note that the event takes place in German.

Within the framework of the Assembly of Rights Holders, the group assemblies will be held on 4 June 2021 pursuant to the provisions of the GVL Articles of Association and the Act on Collective Management Organisations (VGG). Delegates and Alternate Delegates will be elected there. They are going to represent you and your interests in the next four years.

Even if it is not possible for you to attend this Assembly of Rights Holders in person and meet face-to-face due to the pandemic, your rights of participation still remain intact. For this purpose, we will provide you with comprehensive information on the virtual Assembly of Rights Holders as well as offer you digital participation via live stream and enable online voting in the 15 group assemblies.


We have split the Assembly of Rights Holders into two days consisting of the following:

Thursday, 3 June 2021: Management report and questions

  • from 9.00: Dial-in to the WahlPortal meineBV2021.gvl.de opens
  • 11:00 Start of the Assembly of Rights Holders
    • Management Report on the Developments at GVL
    • Session to answer submitted questions
  • The meeting is expected to finish at 15.00

Friday, 4 June 2021: Agenda for the group assemblies

Agenda item 1: Election of Delegates and Alternate Delegates in the producer category
Agenda item 2: Election of Delegates and Alternate Delegates in the performer category

  • from 9.00: Dial-in to the WahlPortal at meineBV2021.gvl.de opens
  • 10.00: Start of the group assemblies in the producer category and election of Delegates and Alternate Delegates (expected to finish at 12.00)
  • 12.00-13.30: Break (optional)
  • 13.30: Start of the group assemblies in the performer category and election of Delegates and Alternate Delegates
  • expected to finish at 16.15

Online registration

In order to participate in the Assembly of Rights Holders, you are required to register online beforehand via our Wahlportal meineBV2021.gvl.de. You can register between 12 April and 20 May 2021.

In terms of technical requirements for registration, you will need a current version of a standard browser on your computer, an up-to-date operating system, an internet connection and a personal e-mail address. We are going to publish details on specifics in due time via the InfoPortal BV2021.

To ensure that only GVL rights holders can participate, you will require three different sets of access data in order to register for the group assembly in the performer/producer categories:

  1. Your personal password
  2. Your personal GVL ID, which you can find on GVL correspondence or pay-out notifications. (Should you not know your GVL ID, please get in touch via the contact details)
  3. You will also require a valid personal e-mail address, which you must enter when registering. This e-mail address is going to be used by us for security reasons only as third feature to register and to log in via the Wahlportal and for the communication with you in the course of the BV2021.

Once you have registered online and we have confirmed the registration via e-mail, you can log in to the Assembly of Rights Holders via the WahlPortal meineBV2021.gvl.de with your access data during the event days. The right to cast your votes electronically is a personal right and may only be carried out by yourself. Please keep your password and your GVL ID in a safe place and do not pass the details on to third parties.

Would you like to assign your voting rights by proxy authorisation?

Should you not be able to participate in the group assemblies for personal reasons, you have the possibility to assign your voting right to another rights holder by proxy authorisation. You will still have to complete an online pre-registration for this. Please only use the form which we provide here at the InfoPortal BV2021 to act as a power of attorney respectively proxy authorisation. Please also note: Do send the signed proxy authorisation form to the authorised party, not to GVL. After having registered online, the authorised party must submit the proxy authorisations assigned to it (no more than five!) to bv2021-registrierung@gvl.de no later than 20 May 2021.

Would you like to be a candidate as a Delegate yourself?

Please note: Registrations for candidatures must reach GVL no later than 20 May 2021. Please use the form “Registration as a candidate | performer category”, respectively “Registration as a candidate | producer category” which you can download here at our InfoPortal BV2021. Please send the completed form via e-mail to kandidatur@gvl.de.

We would like to expressly encourage women to stand for election in their group assemblies. We would like to see an increase in women on our committees and therefore welcome female performers and producers who would like to get involved.

During the week from 24 May 2021 onwards, we offer all candidates the opportunity to present themselves in the course of the “Meet-the-Candidates” video conferences: During these sessions, GVL rights holders can meet the candidates of their group assemblies in person. We will inform you in a timely manner regarding the specific dates via our InfoPortal BV2021.

Do you have questions or do you need assistance?

Technical problems

I do not have my GVL ID for the online registration at hand.
I need technical assistance for the online registration (commencing 12 April 2021).
I need technical help when it comes to logging in on one of the event days (3 and 4 June 2021).

In such cases, our service partner Link Market Services will assist you. They can be reached via phone +49 89 21027 444 (Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm) or via e-mail to bv2021-technik@linkmarketservices.de.

Further questions

I have a question on my submitted registration, on the assignment of my voting rights or other topics.

Our BV2021 team is happy to assist at bv2021-registrierung@gvl.de or you can call them (Monday to Friday between 10am and 3pm) at +49 30 48483 777.